Wireless Maintenance Robots Ascend Wind Turbines

May 17, 2013 · Print This Article

With a 13.1 inch tall mid-sized model, Helical Robotics’s HR-MP series robots can scale immense wind turbines to examine them for damage. Unlike the similar tethered prototype GE and universal Climbing Machines began developing last year, these wheeled robots are wireless. Controlled by a radio signal and equipped with digital cameras, the climbing robots may serve to replace high powered telescopes used to examine

wind turbines from the ground, which grow less effective as towers get taller and blades get longer. Remote controlled climbing robots additionally offer a safer, more practical alternative to inspectors climbing up themselves.

Weighing 42 pounds, the HR-MP20 model (pictured above) can carry up to 20 pounds of sensors and other equipment, has a top climbing speed of 43.6 feet per minute, and, […]

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