Wind Turbines and Radar Learning to Live Together

June 29, 2011 · Print This Article

Wind turbines have a lot of opponents, and lots of regulatory hurdles that they must go through amoung initial proposal and final approval. One specific difficulty has been from aviation authorities (both civilian and military) whose radar can pick up interference from wind turbines. These objections have led to many wind projects being delayed or shelved indefinitely. But solutions are being developed that may allow wind turbines to coexist with radar.


moving blades from wind turbines can cause intereference to show up on radar displays.

“At one stage trade organization Renewable UK estimated that around 40 large wind farm projects were being delayed considering of objections from the aviation sector.” Given the wide expanses of open land in the US, the problem has been less of an issue, but as more wind facilities are developed for locations close to population areas, the problem […]

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