Wind Turbine Makers Working on Giant Offshore Turbines

March 30, 2011 · Print This Article

Most offshore wind turbines currently in use are 5 MW and under, but that won’t be the case for lengthy.  Many of the major wind turbine makers are trying to go bigger, bigger, bigger.

Turbine company Vestas recently revealed a 7 MW offshore wind turbine design called the V164 that has three 80-meter-long blades and is 187 meters tall.  The sweep area of the turbine will be 21,124 square meters.  The V164 will generate

30 percent more energy per ton than current turbines and the potential needed to produce the turbines themselves will be paid back in 10 months of use. The V164 could be built sometime next year.

California-based turbine company Clipper is working on a 10 MW turbine called the Britannia, which they plan to unveil in 2012, while Norwegian company Sway is working on a floating turbine […]

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