U.S. Could Get 15% of Energy from Wave and Tidal Sources by 2030

January 30, 2012 · Print This Article

Two recent studies done by the area of Energy found that wave, tidal and other water capability sources could supply 15 percent of U.S. energy needs by 2030.

The reports called the “Mapping and Assessment of the United States Ocean Wave Energy Resource( PDF)” and “Assessment of Energy Production Potential from Tidal Streams in the United States (PDF),” calculated the maximum kinetic energy in waves and tides

that could be used for energy production. Our country currently uses about 4,000 TWh of electricity per

year and the studies show that waves and tidal currents could potentially generate up to 1,420 TWh of electricity per year, but not all of that energy could realistically be developed.

The DOE plans to release additional resource assessments for ocean current, ocean thermal gradients, and new hydropower […]

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