Top Ten Solar potential States

April 29, 2011 · Print This Article

The New York Times published a rundown today of the top ten states in installed solar capability capacity.  That California was number one was no surprise, but the other nine were interesting to see.  Here’s the full list:

1. California: 47 percent with 971 megawatts

2. New Jersey: 14 percent with 293 MW

3. Colorado: 5 percent with 108 MW

4. Arizona: 5 percent with 101 MW

5. Nevada: 5 percent with 97 MW

6. Florida: 4

percent with 73 MW

7. New York: 3 percent with 54 MW

8. Pennsylvania: 3 percent with 54 MW

9. New Mexico: 2 percent with 45 MW

10. North Carolina: 2 percent with 42 MW

New Jersey has made its way to second place with some major small-scale solar initiatives.  Rooftops and utility poles across the state have gotten the solar treatment and all that distributed solar has added up to a nice […]

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