Spark EV Introduced at LA Auto Show

November 29, 2012 · Print This Article

Chevrolet is introducing an electric version of its Spark small car. The Spark EV is being called a “high tech electric city car,” and its initial rollout is being aimed at urban markets and areas with a growing infrastructure to support electric vehicles.

Driving range numbers, which are usually a concern for potential electric vehicle drivers, have not been included in the GM press release, although the company claims it will have some of

the best EV range. The Spark EV will optionally offer a new fast-charge system which allows the battery to be charged to 80 percent of capacity in about 20 minutes. The SAE Combo DC Fast Charging capability is a new industry standard, and the Spark EV will be the first electric vehicle to offer it in North America. The Spark EV will additionally have a “confidence gauge” that shows the expected […]

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