Solar Roadway notion Receives $50K in Funding

October 15, 2010 · Print This Article

Husband and wife Scott and Julie Brusaw are the winners of the first GE Ecomagination Challenge for their Solar Roadway concept.  As winners they’ve been awarded $50,000 in cash to develop the concept.

The concept for the solar roadway is just what it sounds like:  a road made up of solar panels.  The Brusaws are working with university researchers to develop a glass encasing for the panels that is as strong as or stronger than pavement.  Once that major hurdle is cleared, the team

foresees stretches of roads and parking lots made from these panels that would ability nearby businesses and EV charging stations.

The cash award will be used towards research and bringing in experts to work on developing the concept.

The Solar Roadways concept received 74,000 votes to win the challenge and the process has garnered a lot of attention and support for the concept.  The Brusaws say they now have a large worldwide following.

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