Rogue Geoengineering Project in the North Pacific

November 7, 2012 · Print This Article

Like the plot of a low-budget spy movie, this past July, roughly 100 tons of iron sulphate was dumped into the waters of the Pacific Ocean by a “controversial American businessman.” The program was not part of any governmental- or consensus-based program, but is instead a private project to effect large-scale change to the planet.

The rationale for this is a belief that it will promote growth of plankton, which will grow (in a

plankton bloom) and absorb carbon dioxide before sinking to the ocean bed. The CO2 will remain sequestered whether the plankton do not subsequently break down on the sea floor. However, earlier tests have not proved successful.

Tests caried out a few years ago showed only limited succes with ocean fertilization. Critics point out a number of potential unwanted side effects to this approach:

“It is difficult whether […]

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