Road Trains Could Allow Greener, Driverless Travel

December 11, 2012 · Print This Article

The concept of self-driving vehicles has been getting increasing attention on several fronts. Google’s self-driving car is perhaps the most widely publicized example, but other options are under development at various stages. Volvo is working on a different approach, with cars that are not completely autonomous, but that can safely follow others in a close formation known as a road train.

In a road train, vehicles equipped with wireless connectivity and control

equipment will be able to follow other vehicles in close formation, with a lead vehicle being driven by a human driver. Computers and sensors will monitor the convoy, and automatically follow the lead vehicle with safe clearances. Once a vehicle is part of a road train, the driver can can switch their attention to other things.

Road trains would offer a number of benefits that are favourable to the environment […]

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