Recycling Old Oil Wells for Geothermal Power

September 19, 2012 · Print This Article

Renewable capability is frequently criticized for its unreliability, which some feel makes it difficult to use for base-load potential generation. Of course, renewable systems usually face huge up-front costs, which makes their implementation difficult and which makes some argue against their use. Geothermal potential may be able to jump start its presence in the renewable potential field by overcoming one of its biggest expenses: the boring of holes into the earth.

Wind potential and tidal ability systems can be variable depending on the weather. Lull periods can limit the amount of ability wind farms can generate, although regular shifting of coastal winds makes near shore and off-shore Solar energy is quite dependable, since the rising and setting of the sun is predictable and well understod, and solar capability generation is increasingly less dependent on cloudless skies. Geothermal energy is […]

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