New Record Setting Wind Turbine

March 20, 2013 · Print This Article

A new construction at a analysis center in Østerild, Denmark has become the largest wind turbine in the world.

Well, that title depends on which criteria determine “largest.” whether rotor diameter is your rule, Siemens’s latest, the SWT-6.0-154, has surpassed the previous holder, the second-generation Enercon E126, by by two dozen feet. While the E126 has approximately a 127-meter rotor diameter, Siemens’s new offshore wind turbine boasts a 154-meter rotor diameter–and its immense 75-meter towering

blades combined with its 4-meter wide hub means a massive swept area of 18,600 square meters.

With a 6MW turbine, under the most optimal conditions, the new model will produce around 65 percent more electricity than earlier models from the company. This SWT-6.0-154 won’t be a lonely giant for lengthy; according to Gizmodo, Siemens plans to construct 300 more of these massive machines.

The massive blades for this […]

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