New Database to Help Increase Environmental Responsibility of Ocean Power

February 20, 2013 · Print This Article

In collaboration with the worldly Energy Agency, the United States office of Energy (DOE) recently launched a new database that brings together environmental monitoring and worldwide ocean energy development efforts. Called Tethys, the database will show the interrelationship amoung processes in nature and ocean capability technology, and will operate as a resource to help keep environmental responsibility at the forefront of ocean-based energy production projects.

Named after the Greek titaness of the ocean, Tethys will help industry regulators and energy project developers alike identify possible environmental effects of the efforts to gain sustainable, clean energy from the world’s oceans. Tethys offers real-world info that accounts for the interconnectedness of oceanic ecosystems and technology, and offers insight on the interactions within energy-producing machines, marine wildlife, and the physical processes of […]

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