MIT’s Solar System Estimates City’s Solar potential Potential

July 8, 2013 · Print This Article

Researchers at MIT have developed a new 3D solar potential mapping tool. The first rooftop solar mapping module of the Mapdwell platform, Solar System is available to anyone with Web access. Incorporating factors ranging from roof angles and surface temperatures to local weather info and physical obstructions,

Solar System has been able to predict within 4 to 10 percent of photovoltaic (PV) panels’ annual electricity yield during

evaluating. MIT’s home city of Cambridge, Massachusetts is the first to get a complete solar map of its 17,000 rooftops. According to Solar System, whether PV panels were installed at all rooftop locations deemed “good” or better, they could supply one third of the city’s energy needs for roughly $2.8 billion.

Solar System is inviting to play with and easy to use. But for […]

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