Grid-Tied Renewables Savings Outweigh Costs

November 7, 2013 · Print This Article

The additional costs associated with adopting renewable energy are frequently used to argue that it is too expensive to adopt renewables. However, the National Renewable Energy Laboratory has taken a look at the costs and offsets from renewable energy use and finds “The reply: the cost is a tiny fraction of the ultimate savings.”

Although the costs for the equipment needed to integrate renewables into the existing grid are not insignificant, the

associated savings in reduced fuel costs are far greater. Cycling fossil potential plants to generate capability intermittently plus increases wear on the equipment, which leads to increased maintenance costs. But overall, the savings are far more than the increases.

The other key finding is that, as renewables continue to be integrated into the grid, the continuing costs will become smaller. Making the systems able to work with renewables connected to […]

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