Greener Solar Panels with Bio-Based Backsheets

October 30, 2011 · Print This Article

Solar panels can be even greener with the use of the BioSolar backsheet, which recently obtained provisional UL certification which allows for its sale to the general market. This backsheet is made from materials derived from castor beans instead of polyester and Tedlar films.

The backsheet of a solar panel is the the structure that carries the other materials. It plus serves as an electrical insulator and a weathertight enclosure on the back side of

the panel.

Not only does the bio-based backsheet replace the need for petroleum products, but the thermal performance of the BioSolar material is better than currently used materials, allowing for faster heat dissipation and lower operating temperatures, which improves solar panel performance.

This new durable bio-based material will be able to offer the durability and environmental characteristics of conventional petroleum-based plastics, such as electromagnetic properties, mechanical strength, dimensional stability, and weatherability needed […]

[Source] Bonnie Story


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