Greener Plastics or More Greenwash?

October 19, 2012 · Print This Article

While it may sound like a repeat of the Organic Vinyl April Fools joke from a few years ago, new bio-polymers are getting touted as a green alternative for conventional plastic. While there are some positive aspects to using plant-based feedstock rather than fossil materials, Building Green offers a strong critique of the problems still inherent in bio-PVC.

Avoiding petroleum feedstocks is a good move in general, although the diversion

of food crop products is as troubling to us as it is when it is done to produce fuel. Price fluctuations and increased volatility in the oil markets invent this a good business strategy for companies producing and using these plastics. But, the core question remains: “Is it greener, or is it merely greenwash?”

Although carbon issues are now closely linked with the broader green movement, carbon isn’t the only deciding […]

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