Germany Will Phase Out Nuclear ability by 2022

May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

The German government has decided to phase out all nuclear power in the country in the next 11 years. Although the country is ending nuclear ability, other sustainable capability goals remain in place. “We don’t only want to renounce nuclear energy by 2022, we plus want to reduce our CO2 emissions by 40 percent and double our share of renewable energies, from about 17 percent today to soon after 35 percent,” said

Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Germany currently has 17 nuclear capability plants, which produce about one-quarter of the country’s electricity, all of which will be closed down by

2022. Germany was already aiming to phase out nuclear potential by 2034; the current announcement mostly advances the timetable. Germany already has a sizable percentage of its capacity from renewable sources, but those will need to greatly expand to offset the loss […]

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