Frozen Air Offers a New Concept for ability Storage

October 12, 2012 · Print This Article

An intriguing method for storing excess ability from renewable generation sources is based using super cooled air as a means of storing potential until it is needed. British-based Highview Power is developing the system with a pilot plant adjacent to a heat and potential plant at Slough.

The frozen air storage system cools air to cryogenic temperatures around -200 degrees F (-129 degrees C) and stores it in tanks. When

ability is called for, the liquified air can be evaporated and used to run turbines to produce electricity. Fundamentally, it is similar to other steam-based systems, relying on a phase change of a liquid to a gas being used to run a turbine. The process can

be coupled with systems that produce waste heat which can be used to augment the efficiency of the system.

The current pilot frozen […]

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