Free Modlet Offer for NYC Residents to Save Air Conditioner potential This Summer

May 7, 2012 · Print This Article

CoolNYC is a cooperative program being offered by Con Edison and ThinkEco which will supply up to 10,000 free thermostats and Modlet plug-in electrical outlet controllers to New York City residents to be used to monitor and control window air conditioning units. The hope is that controlling window AC units can help reduce peak electrical demand this summer.

You may recall the Modlet, which we noted late in 2010

when it was a Top 10 Green Building Product. The Modlet is a smart outlet that plugs in to a conventional outlet and allows you to control and monitor energy usage wirelessly. With the Modlet, appliance use can be scheduled for specific times. There are plus apps to allow iPhone and Android devices to control Modlet outlets remotely.

The Modlet networks to a computer via a wireless […]

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