​FIPEL Lights May Offer Alternative to LED

January 5, 2013 · Print This Article

LEDs may seem to be the peak of efficient lighting technology, but they aren’t perfect, and that doesn’t mean that other technologies aren’t being explored. Recently, scientists from Wake Forest University announced a new kind of light called FIPEL, which stands for “field-induced polymer electroluminescent.” whether it performs as promised, it offers several advantages by LED and compact fluorescent lights. With commercial development already under way, lights using this technology are

reportedly going to be available to consumers in 2013.

Researchers behind the project are promoting it for its improved color properties, as well as avoiding the use of mercury or the “annoying buzz” in fluorescent lights. Of course, the old style T-12 fluorescent bulbs, and their associated magnetic ballasts (which were the kind that could develop a hum) are already being phased out, and means and methods […]

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