Finding the Green Cars at NAIAS 2013

January 14, 2013 · Print This Article

The environmental focus from the past few years of car design and marketing has largely evaporated in this year’s North American worldly Auto Show (NAIAS). Even more than last year’s show, green cars are comparatively few and far amoung in the displays at Detroit.

This is not to say that green technology is absent from this year’s show. While the cutaway vehicles that showed how hybrids work are mostly gone, the

hybrids and other green vehicles are still a part of many manufacturers’ lineups. For a visitor who has seen several of these shows, the increase in fuel efficiency requirements is obvious with more cars that get by 30 MPG, but it is disappointing to find that there are additionally still many cars with performance under 20 MPG.

Some automakers that have previously had notably green cars as part of their mix in […]

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