EV-Sharing in Paris - Update

September 23, 2013 · Print This Article

A few years ago, we covered Paris’s plans to initiate an electric car sharing program. Through the Autolib car sharing program, which boasts by 1800 vehicles and 800 charging stations, the French capital now ranks among the world’s leaders in EV presence and charging locations.

Autolib’s system was built by a subsidiary of Bolloré, the company that helped create the compact Bluecar. This system focus on

being extremely user-friendly, by monitoring the relative location and battery charge of each vehicle. Members of the program can simply swipe their cards at a charging station and use a nearby car with the best charge. Only cars with a 40 percent or higher charge are released to members, and an agent will even contact drivers who’ve ventured past the last charging locations in the suburbs or […]

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