European Union Plans to Eliminate Gas-Fueled Vehicles by 2050

March 29, 2011 · Print This Article

A report from the European Union’s European Commission branch reveals a plan to remove gas and diesel-fueled cars from the continent’s cities by 2050.

The plan describes a “single European transport area” where the gas-fueled vehicles are gradually phased out and replaced with alternatively-fueled cars and where new infrastructure will be constructed to cater to these vehicles.  The transition would cost upwards of $2 trillion.

The proposed

plan plus

calls for a ban on the shortest flights and that rail travel should be mandatory for trips more than 186 miles.

While the architects of the plan themselves refer to it as “very radical” and “very ambitious,” it’s still a plan that is looking four decades into the future.  By soon after, the concept may seem like a rather safe solution.

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