Downturns in Pure Electric Vehicles

September 27, 2012 · Print This Article

There have been a couple of signs recently that consumers may not be quite ready yet for pure electric vehicles (EVs), or at least that manufacturers still have some work ahead of them to be able to supply an EV that has all the features that consumers want.

Toyota has drastically cut the number of eQ cars it plans to build to only about 100 vehicles, down from several thousand as were initially

planned when the vehicle was first announced. (The eQ is an all-electric variant of their small iQ car.) But the company is far from abandoning vehicle electrification altogether. Toyota has plus announced plans to have 21 different gas-electric hybrid models in its line by 2015. It is the all-electric vehicle that the company does not see as a viable market at present.

Meanwhile, a group of Nissan LEAF owners in […]

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