Considering the Environmental Impact of 3D Printing

July 24, 2013 · Print This Article

Manufacturing with 3D printing is now a fast-growing field, with the technology becoming more accessible and affordable. Some think that it will revolutionize all kinds of manufacturing. But, while it offers some advantages, the process can be energy intensive and wasteful of material. A recent study has a comparison of some 3D printing and conventional milling methods.

There are many different kinds of 3D printing, and this study is only an

early examination of a few methods. The environmental impacts amoung different printers (different printing methods) were not as great as the those amidst occasionally operated printers and ones in more consistent production (which is more efficient). “In cases like this, job shops legitimately can argue that they supply both economic and environmental advantage to their customers.”

Equally importantly, the kind of object being produced can form a huge difference in […]

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