Go Green Around the House and Help Your Wallet

July 23, 2012

Change a little here and a little there to save big bucks by going green around the house with these easy tips.
[Source] Cynthia

20 Tips for a Greener Home

July 6, 2012

These tips go beyond the basics of saving energy and supply creative ways to green your home.[Source] Cynthia

Dr Bronner’s Magic “All-One”

June 18, 2012

whether organic, natural, green, affordable clean is what you have been looking for, you might want to take a look at this.
[Source] Cynthia

Effective Ways to Clean Burned Stains Off of Stainless Cookware

May 31, 2012

Learn how to remove burned-on stains from stainless steel cookware.
[Source] Cynthia

Five Simple Uses for Ordinary Things

May 7, 2012

You can repurpose nearly anything to compose use of stuff that otherwise might be thrown out! These five tips show you new ways to breathe life into &…

Purchasing Used Clothes Saves Money and “Greens” Your Lifestyle

May 7, 2012

Reduce, reuse, recycle — how we manage our wardrobe helps our budget and the planet as well.
[Source] Cynthia

How to Successfully Buy Clothes at Yard and carport Sales

May 7, 2012

One person's cast offs can be another person's treasure. Why not go digging and see what you find?
[Source] Cynthia

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