Booms Used in Gulf Oil Spill Recycled Into Chevy Volt Parts

May 31, 2011 · Print This Article

A majority of the miles upon miles of plastic oil booms deployed to soak up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill have ended up either in landfills or are destined to be burned for fuel.  GM has come up with a way to keep a large chunk of those booms from that same fate by recycling the material into parts for the Chevy Volt.

GM will turn a total of 227

miles worth of oil booms into material

for the Volt’s air-deflecting baffles that surround the radiator.  A centrifuge spins the used booms to release the oil and the plastic material is next processed and remolded to be used in the air deflectors.  The program will divert 212,500 pounds of boom waste from landfills.

The air deflectors are made of all recyled materials, including the booms, recycled tires from a GM […]

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