Arctic Research Station Evacuated Due to Melting

May 27, 2013 · Print This Article

A floating Russian research station on an ice floe in the Arctic is being evacuated far earlier than planned due to the breakup of the floe it is sitting on. A Russian icebreaker has been dispatched to pick up the scientists and their equipment from the ice floe that has housed the North Pole-40 research base since last October.

The station is the latest in a series of floating research stations

that the Russians have operated dating back to the late 1930s. It was intended to remain occupied and in operation until September of this year, but the ice floe it is situated on has begun to break up. The floating research station is out of helicopter range, and the floe is too unstable to enable an airstrip to be created.

Finding a suitable ice floe for these research stations is […]

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