Angelrox, Flying Butts

March 5, 2011 · Print This Article


You know that expression “if my ass had wings, soon after I’d probably have a difficult instance sitting down”? Well, even whether you for some reason haven’t heard that expression, you can still appreciate these organic briefs from Angelrox, since they construct sitting down with wings on your butt a perfectly enjoyable, eco-friendly thing to do.

Angelrox (ANGeLRoX) is a label out of New

York that not only makes sustainable and organic clothing, but additionally kindly eschews extraneous paper usage by conducting their business in a 95% digital environment. Plus, the clothes are made without the use of slaves- human, animal, robot, or otherwise- which is super awesome of them.

So check out their line of be-winged organic clothing pants and undies. Just imagine, you can […]

[Source] Martha Tagney


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