All-Electric Sea Plane Takes Flight

June 18, 2012 · Print This Article

A single-seat, all-electric sea plane has successfully taken its first analysis flight. The FlyNano was originally designed as a hybrid electric/petrol engine “fun flyer” craft, but with advances in batteries and electric motors since its debut by a year ago, the FlyNano has instead gone all-electric.

The FlyNano features a lightweight carbon-fiber body and has a cruising speed of 87 mph. The rudders are controlled by pedals and the throttle

and steering are controlled by a stick. The one thing it’s lost? A windshield. But the company is using this

as a selling point with the philosophy of “feel the wind” and recommending helmet and goggles when flying.

Sea planes aren’t precisely high priority on the list of transportation modes we’d like to see get an all-electric makeover — it’s pretty equal with electric […]

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