400 MW Solar Farm Coming to Southeast

June 29, 2011 · Print This Article

As sunny as the southeastern U.S. is, solar ability development hasn’t taken off as quickly as you’d think.  That will change dramatically when a new 400 MW solar farm is built in one of three states:  Florida, Georgia or North Carolina.  The huge project could potentially be the world’s largest when it’s completed.  The current largest is an 80 MW solar plant in Ontario, Canada, but many large projects are in the planning or construction stages.

The project, being developed by National Solar Power, will consist of 20, 200-acre solar farms each with a capacity of 20 MW.  The panels will be seven feet tall or less and surrounded by vegetation to help them blend

into the landscape.  The project will be able to ability about 32,000 homes.

The areas that are being considered for the huge solar project are Gadsden, Hardee, […]

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