3-D Lithium-Ion Batteries Are Lighter and Charge in Minutes

March 31, 2011 · Print This Article

A new type of lithium-ion battery that features a 3-D interior structure is able to recharge in just a few minutes, can be discharged by twice as many times as traditional lithium-ion batteries and is thinner and lighter than existing versions — essentially the dream battery for electric cars.

The new battery prototype was presented at this week’s national meeting of the American Chemical Society.  Conventional lithium-ion batteries consist of electrodes stacked

in thin layers, which constructs many of its problems like slow charging and limited discharging and a tendency to overheat.

The new battery reconfigures this arrangement by using copper antimonide nanowires arranged into a tightly-packed 3-D structure similar to bristles on a hair brush.  The nanowires have more surface area and can store twice as many lithium ions and they’re more stable and heat resistant than the graphite […]

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