Healthy Pet Products

June 28, 2012

Don’t for get your Pets! 

Keeping them healthy inside and out

  Natural Dog Grooming Products   L…

Stone Logix Cleaner

June 28, 2012

Stone Logix Natural Stone Cleaner: Slate - Travertine - Marble - More!

Don’t ruin your gorgeous natural stone and slate floors with ha…

A Workspace Powered by Sitting

June 28, 2012

Swedish Designer Eddi Törnberg has designed the best human-powered work station we’ve seen yet considering unlike other concepts that require …

2013 Chevy Volt Adds Miles to Its Range

June 21, 2012

The new 2013 Chevy Volt, which goes on sale in August, will have added miles to its electric range and greater efficiency overall. GM tinkered with th…

Arctic Sea Ice on Track for Record Low Levels This Year

June 20, 2012

Earlier this year, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels in the Arctic reached the unhappy milestone of 400 parts-per-million. Now, info coming from the…

All-Electric Sea Plane Takes Flight

June 18, 2012

A single-seat, all-electric sea plane has successfully taken its first analysis flight. The FlyNano was originally designed as a hybrid electri…

Bioplastic Made from Waste Shrimp Shells

June 18, 2012

Insect cuticle is a pretty versatile material. Layers of chitin, a biopolymer, are built up to produce strong, lightweight material that composes th…

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