Trash to Fashion: 13 Chic & Crazy Upcycled Collections

November 28, 2011

[ By Steph in Art & Design. ]

Rescuing discarded materials like parachutes, military blankets, shower curtains, wood chips and festival …

Inexpensive Christmas Ideas for Teenagers

November 25, 2011

Buying Christmas gifts for your teenager does not have to break the bank. Here are a few ideas that will please any teenager and won't cost too m…

Clucked Up: 13 Creative Chicken Coop Designs

November 25, 2011

[ By Steph in Art & Design & Home & Garden. ]

Urban chickens have never had it so good. Not only is backyard chicken farming inc…

Jay Leno Has Logged 11,000 Gas-Free Miles in His Chevy Volt

November 22, 2011

We’ve heard a lot about sales numbers and predictions since the Chevy Volt’s release, but we haven’t heard as many real-world drivin…

A Short-Range Electric Vehicle for $7,000

November 22, 2011

The StreetScooter is caled an open-source electric vehicle and has been developed to supply an affordable and sustainable option for mobility. The t…

Flipping The Bird: 8 Turkey-Free Thanksgiving Treats

November 22, 2011

[ By Steve in Food & Health & Home & Garden & Uncategorized. ]

Thanksgiving without the turkey is like Groundhog Day without…

The Real Spirit of the Season: 14 Charity Gift Sites

November 21, 2011

[ By Steph in Animals & Habitats & Nature & Ecosystems. ]

Does your boss really need another coffee mug, or your father another …

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