Stone Logix - Natural Stone Cleaner

July 28, 2011

Stone Logix™ Cleaner For Natural Stone and Slate Floors - Concentrated  Slate - Travertine - Marble - More!Don’t ruin your gorge…

What Are Wind Turbines-Vertical Wind Turbines Pros/Cons For Home

July 27, 2011

Clean, renewable, wind energy holds a great prospect for providing alternative energy that may replace and/or complement current inefficient alternati…

Green Logic Degreaser Commerical Cleaning

July 27, 2011

Eco Friendly All-Surface DegreaserUse in Commerical Kitchens, Bathrooms, Auto Dealers, wherever grease is building up

Removes oil residue and grea…

Sony Cuts Emissions by 31% Since 2000

July 27, 2011

Sony made the announcement today that it has reduced its global CO2 emissions by 31 percent since 2000.  The company additionally achieved a 54 perce…

Energy Density Improvements in Lightweight Lithium-Air Batteries

July 27, 2011

MIT scientists have made new discoveries that could significantly increase the energy density of batteries several times beyond the current level of …

Wave Hello to the Next Generation of Public Bike Storage

July 27, 2011

[ By Delana in Art & Design & Technology & Gadgets & Transit & Auto. ]

You put a lot of duration, energy and money into …

Improved Cooling for Computers

July 27, 2011

Researchers at the US branch of Energy’s Sandia National Laboratory have developed a new method for cooling microprocessors that is more effect…

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