Going Green is as easy as Flipping a Switch

June 28, 2011

Going green can seem like a daunting task. But with a few simple and small changes, going green is as easy as flipping as switch.
[Source] Cynthia

Set-Top Boxes Are the #1 Household Energy Drain

June 28, 2011

A recent study by the National Resources Defense Council finds that cable and digital recording devices are now “the individual largest electri…

Simplify Your Life - Declutter Your “Stuff”

June 28, 2011

"Where did all this STUFF come from!?" - sound familiar? Here are a few simple tips to declutter your belongings and, in the process, declut…

Truckin’ Revisited: Introducing The Ecco Camper Concept RV

June 28, 2011

[ By Steve in Energy & Fuel & Geography & Travel & Technology & Gadgets. ]

whether the term “RV” brings to mind hulk…

Ladybug Bowling Ball: Recycle Bowling Balls into Garden Art

June 28, 2011

Recycle used bowling balls into creative garden accents and conversation pieces. These cute designs are popping up in gardens everywhere.[Source] Cynt…

Obama Administration Wants 56 MPG Standard by 2025

June 27, 2011

The Obama administration will formally propose new fuel efficiency standards in September, but recent meetings with domestic automakers reveal that th…

Funny Farms: 12 Cool Agricultural Architecture Conversions

June 27, 2011

[ By Steph in Art & Design & Home & Garden. ]

Silvery barn wood, exposed timbers, the sense of history and pastoral contentment …

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