Bipartisan Efficiency Bill Promotes Efficiency Standards

May 30, 2011

A bill recently introduced in the Senate would improve the efficiency of homes and commercial buildings, advace the adoption of improved building cod…

All Along the Watchtowers: 18 Tourist Lookouts of Europe

May 30, 2011

[ By Steph in Art & Design & Geography & Travel. ]

There’s nothing like leaning by a railing, hundreds of feet in the air,…

Booms Used in Gulf Oil Spill Recyled Into Chevy Volt Parts

May 27, 2011

A majority of the miles upon miles of plastic oil booms deployed to soak up the massive Gulf of Mexico oil spill have ended up either in landfills or …

Google and Citibank Invest in World’s Largest Wind Farm

May 27, 2011

Google and Citibank are investing $55 million apiece in the Alta Wind Energy Center, a new wind farm in California. Parts of the Alta project are al…

Sole Survivor: How 1 Japanese Town Resisted the Tsunami

May 27, 2011

[ By Steph in Geography & Travel & History & Trivia & News & Politics. ]

It’s ugly. It’s huge. It cost $30 m…

How to Darn Socks to Save Money

May 27, 2011

Many public have gotten used to throwing things away instead of mending them. In a sagging economy, it pays to revive this lost art.
[Source] Cynthia

GE Unveils 6-Car, Solar-Powered Charging Station in Connecticut

May 26, 2011

GE has unveiled a six-car, solar-powered charging station in Plainville, CT at the company’s facilities.  The six Level 2 chargers capable of f…

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