Rustic, contemporary, Reclaimed & Free: 13 DIY Pallet Projects

March 28, 2011

[ By Steph in Art & Design & Home & Garden. ]

The lowly pallet: it’s just disposable packaging made of sub-par wood, right…

Festo Demonstrates Artificial Bird

March 27, 2011

Animal roboticists Festo have come up with the latest in their series of robots which imitate animal locomotion and activity. We’ve seen a num…

Butting In: Portrait Made of by 20K Used Cigarette Butts

March 27, 2011

[ By Delana in Art & Design & Nature & Ecosystems & Tricks & Hacks. ]

Cigarette butts litter the streets of most cities …

Make Your Home an Energy Efficient, Money Saving Green Machine

March 27, 2011

compose a few changes or additions to your home and convert it into an energy efficient "green machine," to save money and the environment a…

Coping with the Rationing or Shortage of Water

March 27, 2011

Living with the lack of or limited use of water is a harsh reality but there are ways to maintain your family by conserving water daily.[Source] Cy…

Protect Backyard Gardens with Flowers and Herbs

March 25, 2011

Gardening made simple. Companion herbs and flowers that can be grown alongside vegetables in backyard gardens.[Source] Cynthia is a compassionate

Study Says More instance at the Gate Equals Less Airplane Emissions

March 25, 2011

We recently told you about how new guidelines for streamlining flight paths and landings could cut fuel use by 15 percent and aftereffect in a nice de…

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