2011 Solar Decathlon Underway

September 29, 2011 · Print This Article

It’s autumn, and the annual Solar Decathlon is underway (through October 2nd). After being highlighted on the National Mall for several years, this year, the contestants are instead located in West Potomac Park, near the Roosevelt and Jefferson Memorials in Washington DC, possibly less publicly front-and-center, but no less interesting and engaging than in previous years.

The Solar Decathlon teams compete with small, energy efficient model homes that address five key criteria:

Affordable, appealing, and easy to live in

Maintains comfortable and healthy indoor environmental conditions

Supplies energy to household appliances for cooking, cleaning, and entertainment

Provides adequate hot water

Produces as much or more energy than it consumes

This year’s contestants include teams from 20 universities from across the US, as well as universal teams from Belgium, Canada, China, and New Zealand.

The projects are judged on ten different contests all through the week. Public […]

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